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Thread: Senior Finances

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    100% agree; get power of attorney while you can, while you can still talk rationally to your parents and they love and trust you....dementia can lead to abnormal thought patterns that may make them refuse to sign anything for you, and if you wait until they're not competent, they're not competent to sign a power of attorney, either. There may be such a thing as a limited power of attorney, just for financial matters, but don't forget about medical power of attorney as well. Now is the time to discuss what they want done medically if they're put on life support, if they want to be "Do Not Resuscitate", etc. It's great they have you to help and be a good son!

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    Quite right; my mother can no longer sign anything like that, and we did not get a new one from her, although my dad has one from when she could sign it.

    You are a good son, for sure. Dementia is horrible. My mother no longer recognized two of her children.

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