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Thread: Personal food waste solutions

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    Quote Originally Posted by razz View Post
    What a sad situation to deal with, IL, too much produce. Life is tough

    I managed to pick one last U-pik 4 L basket of strawberries of the season. The black cherry season is very short - 6 days - and the orchard trees are picked clean. I tried to pick cherries on day 4 at an orchard nearby but the remaining were too high so after moving the ladder and making an effort climbing up 3 large steps, I conceded defeat and gave up. I went to the farmer and when advised of my choosing safety over the cherries, he went out and picked me a 6 L basket of beautiful cherries from the top. His wife and I chatted while waiting understanding as the high ones are too high for her as well. Love them.
    are you talking about getting sour cherries?yum! I am still pulling them out of our freezer from a decade ago, but our new trees in Hermann should be producing soon. The 3 year old tree here at home had its first nice crop but I didn’t get out to pick in time and by the time DH got home from Hermann the birds got everything. Usually birds just get the top fruit and I get the bottom fruit and we are all happy

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    One of our small local homeless shelter never turns away food so once I found them I was good.

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