I am a bit OCD, I know exactly how many small binder clips fit into its space in my desk drawer. Everything in my office has it's place - I take pride in telling someone exactly where to go to get a file, supplies, etc. I enjoy that part of my mild OCD. I won't even begin to try and explain the process it takes for me to leave my office.

There are two tasks that I have great difficulty doing. One is painting. I am not good at painting. The need for perfection with the job paralyzes me. I would rather live with the need to paint then attempt the job and have my failures stare at me.

The second task is washing windows. No matter how much I try - there always seem to be some streaks. We have the old style storm windows - that has one pane that has to come out. One window has like 8 panes to wash. Today I gave myself permission to accept the fact that there may be some streaks, but the end result will be so much better than where I started. The pressure was off. There were many trips back and forth inside and outside to check it out, but once it was done, I sealed it up and accepted the jobs as is. phew.

Not sure why I put myself though the anxiety of such stupid tasks. *sigh*, nevertheless I was able to cross that one off my list.