My church (small 150ish members) has been streaming services since late March with a minimum number of people (priest and two singers, the singers were a married couple). More people were allowed as we came out of the lockdown. For a long time services were streamed on FB with someone's smartphone. Since we realized this was going to need to be done for longer than originally expected, several people donated $$ for a good camera and a couple of microphones. Streaming via smartphone had drawbacks of sometimes iffy sound and sometimes the person doing it that week didn't shut off the vibrations for notifications (on an Android phone) or put the phone on the tripod the wrong way (so the video was sideways). We now also stream on YouTube as many people find that easier to access (although you can access video on FB if you're not a member).

Now that we have a better camera, it's up in the balcony and you can see the entire church. The smartphone was in the middle of the church, close to the altar area. You only saw people when they went up for communion.

Here is where we come into the issues...

We're now allowed 40 people at services.

We've had several people who now refuse to come to church because they are worried about privacy issues and are now refusing to come to church.

Are your congregations running into weird issues with streaming services?