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Thread: Unexpected issues with streaming services

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    Quote Originally Posted by razz View Post
    Aside from the comments already posted, I basically think that it is nobody's business whether I attend that church service. I go to church for peace and inspiration not to have the feeling of people peering over my shoulder online.
    That this has arisen is more an issue that could have been managed differently from the outset. As has been mentioned, position the camera on the speaker, possibly the soloist and musician.
    I’ve brought that up, but it’s not my decision. It’s only been an issue the last few weeks as some more seniors have come back to services. And frankly, the ones complaining are rather fragile and should probably still stay at home.

    Priest does a once a month short prayer service and Communion for those 80 and older. So there are other options. And those are not streamed since it’s a private service. Only about 5 attend.

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    Yes, years ago a church I was attending starting allowing cameras in church and filming--I stopped going.

    I would never agree to being filmed at church, and would greatly resent someone putting film of parishioners online. It is a terrible invasion of privacy, in my opinion.

    I don't attend Zoom Quaker meetings for that reason, too.

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