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Thread: November Frugals!

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    Dec 2013
    I got all my money back from 2 different airlines that I booked in November, 2019. I contested the charges with my CC. The airlines have 60 days to dispute the charges and never did.

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    Eastern Massachusetts
    Olives never did go down to my sweet spot price of $.99 last year, but surprising enough, they did this year so I've been stocking up a bit.

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    Oct 2020
    One can never have too many olives.

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    Dec 2010
    I have had olives go bad - develop a white coating. So I don't stock them for too long.

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    May 2019
    Finally bought the folding laundry rack I've been eyeing for some time. Target sells it via the website only, so it had to be an order rather than in the store. Had a $2+ in circle points, so I used them, why not?

    The rack folds completely flat and will be used to hang the bags of herbs on next spring/summer/fall and then folded away. I can now take down and sell (or use elsewhere) the brass peg rack up on the beams in my kitchen. That was the point. I'm trying to eliminate all the things I do which require me to go up or down a ladder! Hanging herbs to dry and getting them down afterwards is probably the reason I climb a ladder or step ladder the most...

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