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Thread: Christmas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teacher Terry View Post
    Happy, that sounds fun. We have done that in person and sometimes after it’s over people trade gifts.
    Yes, we actually did include some trading. It was definitely worth the little bit of effort to pull it off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by happystuff View Post
    Actually, it was pretty easy. Being the organizer, I pulled names of participants out of a hat and assigned each person a number - people only knew their number, not anyone else's (except me, of course). Each person wrapped their gift and took a photo of it with their number visible. All photos were sent to me and put together into a single photo showing all the numbered gifts. That photo of all the gifts was then sent out to each participant. When we got together on skype, I again pulled names from a hat and the person picked the number of the gift from the photo. The next person had the option to "steal" the already selected gift or choose another number. We did this until everyone had a gift.

    We offered the option to have the gifts opened - thereby revealing who bought which gift - or just mailing the gifts to the recipients and letting them open when they received them. Hopefully my explanation doesn't sound complicated as it was really easy and worked out well. It was fun to continue on that holiday event even though we weren't in the same room.
    I have participated in those with a large group and it was a lot of fun. One man always donated a homemade wooden cutting board which everyone wanted so it moved around the room many times until all the numbers were drawn. The groans when someone had to give it up was hilarious.
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    That’s funny Razz. One time I wanted what a friend got and he said I could have it if I made a scarf to his specifications which I did)

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