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Thread: Where did my package go?

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    This makes me think of those figurines stolen from people's yards and then photographed all around the world. Where can a thing go? Anywhere a person can take it.

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    I ordered 2 books for DH for Christmas, 2 weeks ago. This is from the major city 2 hours from here, both I and the city are in New England. After 9 days of the USPS telling me it's "in transit" it showed up at a specific location: Omaha, NE.

    They took all the sorting machines out in my state. I don't know about elsewhere. But I'm telling people I've been "trumped": something which worked before got "fixed" and now doesn't.

    God knows when the package will get back to New England? Maybe before New Year's? Valentine's Day?

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    One of my gifts shuttled back and forth between Portland and Seattle three times before landing in time for Christmas.

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    All shipping is a crapshoot these days. Some things arrive later than expected; other arrive earlier than expected. This is the new normal.
    "Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it--every, every minute?" Emily Webb, Our Town

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    I just ordered some grow lights. Hoping they get here before spring

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