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Thread: January Purge

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    January Purge

    DH culled 6 pairs of pants and shorts yesterday, plus 1 jacket. We dropped most off at the fabric recycling bin near our house, and the one pair of pants in decent condition is in the "to be donated" pile.
    I got rid of a couple of scented candles I've been holding onto for decades. I'm more careful now about only burning beeswax or soy candles, so these were never going to get used and it was time for them to go.

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    In the past two weeks I have filled my car 4 times for the thrift store. So grateful that I have been getting rid of stuff for years. I have also given stuff to friends. I have some beautiful hand painted wine glasses that my friend wanted. I am keeping stemless ones because I can use them for company or for daily use. I am trying to think outside the box for multiple purposes. Besides those I have 6 regular drinking glasses so more than enough even if my son is there. I am also going to use my polish pottery dishes everyday and my expensive glasses. Just stupid to save them at this point and I don’t have to worry about them getting broken by carelessness.

    in not so frugal mode I am leaving the king sleep number bed and buying myself a smaller one where the head rises. When my asthma is bad I can’t sleep laying down. Now I prop myself up and fall over when I fall asleep. It’s 3500 before a sale but our other bed has been worth every penny. It’s still great at 15 years. As long as you can replace the pump it’s a bed for life. I will use my guest bed until a sale.

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    Good planning Teacher Terry. Bravo Rosa for getting rid of what you won't use...on my list for this month-hope it gets crossed off because I did it!!!

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