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    Quote Originally Posted by rosarugosa View Post
    Vermont Country Store carries them. We use a quilt in winter and a matelasse coverlet in summer.
    Thanks for the info! I will check them out.

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    @rosarugosa said:2-20-21 3:23pm

    Catherine: I agree on the duvet & cover. I had those some years back and I thought it was way more trouble than it was worth.

    Another vote against the duvet. I agree completely: "way more trouble than" it is worth.

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    I love duvet covers but I have messy dogs that hop up on the bed, so I am used to covering things in self defense.

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    I love my duvet cover, now that I know how to put one on!

    Works like a charm.

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    I LOVE linen sheets so much and always wish that I could buy more sets. Linen sheets are pricey, though I do feel like they are worth it. Cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Would love any recommendations of less expensive linen sheet sellers if anyone has found any.

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