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Thread: My Yearly Lottery Ticket

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    Years ago I routinely bought one ticket per drawing because I would go with a friend who bought tickets. They piled up in my desk drawer and when Iíd been doing this almost a year I took them all to check them before the time to collect passed. I got roughly 50% of what Iíd spent back. That was when I stopped. I still will buy one occasionally when the jackpot is big because as the my lotto ads say Ďall you need is a dollar and a dreamí and Iíve got both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeParker View Post
    Quite the contrary. For most scratchoffs the odds against you winning back the price of your ticket are 3 or 4 to 1. IOW over time you'll probably lose 75% of your money. Of course the odds of you winning more than you paid for the scratchoff are worse than that, but still much better than the odds of finding a winning scratchoff laying on the ground.

    The odds of winning back the price of a lottery ticket are usually much worse than the scratchoff odds, but the top prizes are much bigger, and the odds of winning back at least the price of the ticket are still better than your chances of finding a winner on the ground.
    I wasn't even thinking of scratchoffs. Those in my experience, are bought by the people who want to stand, blocking the counter and scratch them off, while making the line behind them, wait, or as gag/junk gifts, or worse (the spoof ones, given to someone who is having major legal fee's while trying to save their home).
    I am thinking the Powerball/Megamillions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeParker View Post
    I just bought my yearly lottery ticket. Ten drawings for $1 each with the same numbers each time. So for each of the next ten weeks I have the possibility of winning $200,000 or at least winning my $10 back.
    Final Result: I won $7, which means I actually lost $3.

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