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There appear to be a number of factors. There is a lot of electricity generated by wind power in TX, and a lot of that capacity is down due to the wind turbines not working due to icing. Apparently the TX utility companies haven't winterized their equipment like they should have. As a result, the natural gas equipment was freezing up. The drop in pressure took the power plants offline...
Power plants in the northern US and Canada are built and winterized to withstand weather like this. Power plants in Texas are build to keep working in the "coldest normal winter" instead of having the extra insulation and heating capacity they would need to keep functioning in a northern winter. The result is it costs less to build the Texas gas-powered and coal-powered power plants than building the northern plants, but when 30-year low temperature records are being broken, a lot of Texas power plants have to shut down.

The right-wing propagandists are already shouting from the rooftops that the Texas electricity crisis was caused by Texas relying on wind turbines instead of coal and gas. But ERCOT has acknowledged that most of the non-functioning power plants are gas or coal powered, not solar or wind, and unfortunately that fact will never be heard or believed by any of the anti-environment people who endorse right-wing policies.