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Thread: Changing frugal ways due to covid

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    Changing frugal ways due to covid

    Just recently caught up with a friend I’ve not talked to in a while. She’s had to really change how’s she’s frugal due to covid and the lockdowns.

    For years she’s only had a cheapo prepaid smartphone. Only had the smartphone as she wanted to text easier than on a flip phone. Minimal data package. Has never had internet at home. Never saw the need. She would go to the library a couple times of weeks with laptop to do stuff online. With the library closed so much due to covid (not just the lockdown last year - it’s been closed at various other times due to employees having covid), she’s had to break down and get internet at home. Employer is offering work from home now, so she went with faster (and more expensive) internet than she would have otherwise. Said while she liked not having internet at home pre-covid, but said it sure is nice having internet at home. Also glad to have the ability to order stuff online if she doesn’t want to grocery shop in person. LOVES being able to work at home.

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    There will be people making some more and some less, longterm, changes as we each discover the benefits or deficits during covid now and continuing in the years ahead. It is interesting to see in oneself and others. Can you imagine the research in the coming years to see what, when, why and how people's lives have changed?
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    I think COVID, which is a present reality being conjoined with potential hardships due to the future implications of climate change have forced me to really think about what's wise in terms of spending. I read the article pinkytoe posted from the Atlantic, and it was really interesting. Obviously the bottom line was exactly what McKibben and all the other environmentalists have been saying for decades, but the historical perspective added a different dimension.

    Plus, the other day I heard about the report that freshwater fish are in "catastrophic" decline. We already have issues with saltwater fish: we have perilously close to wiping out cod. Never mind all the other markers of environmental collapse that we're starting to see.

    I don't think COVID will have much of a long-term impact on how I live my life. Once we're vaccinated and develop herd immunity, I don't think I will change my pre-COVID ways in terms of being out with people or how I spend my money.. but I think the bigger threat is the overall existential threat we face with climate change--and for that, I think the only thing I can do is to develop skills that may serve me well if life as we know it changes.
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