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Thread: Audio books vs reading a book oneself

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    Only had one audiobook, as I found the audio form of a book that I thought would interest me for $3. It was Dan Brown, Origin's. Listened to part on a hour long drive, there and back, then finished it off over the next few days in short drives, while cleaning, getting ready for work, and going to bed. It was a fun enough listen for that, although one disc skipped a bit.
    I am the type though that prefers physical books. They actually have page numbers (an easy way to remember where you are, can be used in someone else's copy), which also helps when so many of the books I actually buy, are technical/reference type material (dry as a dictionary, or machinists manual). I don't buy many "fun" books, but the ones I have, generally come from garage sales (a quarter is common), a damaged freight store ($5 or under), or Amazon's used section (generally a penny and 3.99 shipping).

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    Only audio book I've ever listened to was Patriot Games. I forget who read it, but I did enjoy it. It was on cassette during car rides and I found I had to keep rewinding to re-listen to part because I got distracted.
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