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Thread: Is There or Is There Not a Border Crisis?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gimmethesimplelife View Post
    Apparently the little desert town of Ajo, Arizona is up in arms due to migrants being dropped there.
    They're not "up in arms". They're just objecting to the feds suddenly deciding to dump migrants in nearby small towns instead of transporting them to distant cities that have more facilities to help them. Dumping migrants in small towns forces those small towns to pay the expense of transporting them to bigger towns -- an expense that up until now has been paid by the feds or by big-city NGOs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LDAHL View Post
    Iíve been to some hot places, but nowhere as hot as Gila Bend. Used to visit a friend there from time to time, and learned a new appreciation for the icy North.
    When I've taken the shuttle from Phoenix to Yuma before, it stops in Gila Bend. On the way back, it stops at a gas station that featured really cool dinosaur statuary imported from Mexico. I myself miss Gila Bend - and won't be on this shuttle again soon. It's still in business but is only doing private rides now at $299 (!!!!!!!!!!) RT Phoenix to Yuma. Too expensive! That's one crown and leftover $ for BP meds in Algodones, MX. Rob

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    Kamala Harris has been assigned this crisis but is not visiting Central America for months even while she travels elsewhere. I guess when it comes to the border Joe is Biden his time.

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