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Thread: Mourning Doves looking for a nest site

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    Mourning Doves looking for a nest site

    Today I watched a pair of mourning doves size up a horizontal branch of an oak tree, as a place to build their nest. Then they flew off to a balsam pine to talk it over. I would love for them to nest in the big oak tree, because I could watch their babies make it in this world.

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    It is fun watching the decisions being made and the results each spring. I once had a pair of robins make a nest on a window sill of my bedroom and I watched each day as the nest got built, the eggs laid and the nestlings grew. I kept the venetian blinds partially open so as not to disturb them.
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    A couple of years ago I was poking through some brush and ran across a Morning Dove nest at eye level in a hedgerow with two or three small little dove nestlings. Of course I backed off immediately, but it was a very fragile and tender sight, and somewhat touching. Here in the city the invasive Eurasian Collared Doves, which are little courser breed, have displace many of the Morning Doves so they have become a little more special.

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