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Thread: Sprouts Getting Their Daily Sunlight

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    Sprouts Getting Their Daily Sunlight

    Fenugreek sprouts are in a white plastic cup, about 7" tall, with a volume of about 5 cups. The individual sprouts are 4-5" tall. The seeds were sprouted at room temperature. Now they are kept in the refrigerator, rinsed 3-4x per day, and brought out into daylight for about 1 hour per day. This batch has been about half harvested for salads. This white plastic sprouting container has drainage slots in the bottom of an inner cup (which you can't see from the top). Small seeds such as alfalfa or clover can flow through the slots and potentially be wasted. So for the finer seeds, I bought a stainless steel sprouter with a fine mesh steel bottom.

    Alfalfa and clover sprouts are in the stainless steel sprouter, with a diameter about 8". The individual sprouts are about 1" long. They grow at room temperature with a second plate on top (just like the plate on the bottom, which catches water drips). I have already harvested alfalfa and clover sprouts 2x for salads. I took the picture shortly after rinsing the sprouts with spray... so you can see little water droplets around the wall and rim of the sprouter.

    000_0540 (2).jpg

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    You are making me feel guilty as I have the seeds and sprouter but not using it. Talk about a motivating post!
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    Add me to the "guilty" list as well. I used to have a set of those plastic cup sprouting systems - very nice. I think I'll get some started today. Thanks for the reminder! Happy growing!
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