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Thread: Biden's Plan for Student Loan Forgiveness

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    Biden's Plan for Student Loan Forgiveness

    This one's per your request Herbgeek.

    I think Biden's plan, limited to waiving $10,000 in debt, is better than some existing programs.

    It does seem strange that a president who claims to be green is encouraging people to reproduce with huge increases in child tax credits, free daycare, free community college, and forgiveness of student loans. With programs like these someone like Amy Dacyczyn could have children without spending a penny on them.

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    I think Bidenís plan for student loan forgiveness should include a requirement that recipients of that forgiveness be required to wear a mask for as many years as their payments are reduced. Forcing the ultimate in intense pain and suffering that way will insure that only people who truly and desperately need to be rid of that debt will take advantage of the program.

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