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Thread: So we just adopted this little guy

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    Thanks Iris. I certainly hope so!
    Our current challenge is feeding him appropriately. Our vet says he is a good weight and we should keep him there, and we're like "oh no, this is the skinniest cat we've ever seen!" This just proves that we overfeed our pets and raise fat cats, and becoming a fat cat seems to be Raymond's sole aspiration in life. He seems to always be hungry. He inhales his food and is instantly looking for more, and we have to protect Oggie's food so that he gets to eat too.
    Ray did let us sleep in peace last night so we didn't have to banish him. That was good.

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    Geez, he's a growing boy. Of course he eats like a little horse!

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    Overfed pets seem to be an issue at present. My dog food supplier today sent out an email cautioning about the number of overweight pets and the consequences plus the need for daily exercise. They even mentioned the number of treats based on weight. I take the dog biscuits and cut them into 1/4's.
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