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Thread: Building Codes

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    Nothing above them?
    Acoustic ceiling tiles, can be drop ceiling (something can still be over that), or they can be glued to the ceiling directly. If you have a ceiling under them, even if you don't, you might have to move electrical (ceiling lights, possibly reposition the light box), or not. If you have a ceiling under it, an option that you might look at, is 1/4" drywall as a patch over the whole thing.
    Rental stores have a tool called a drywall lift. However you IMHO, may well be money ahead to hire a drywall crew, by the time you try to rent and get the tools home, etc. etc.

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    The tiles were stapled to thin beams. I do plan to get an electrician in. There are portions of tile under the ceiling fan I didn't want to remove because I didn't want it to be loose. The other lights in the room are mounted to the wall.

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