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Thread: Buy a ticketůsee my neighborhood

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    Buy a ticketůsee my neighborhood

    I am wincing as I make this shameless shill request, but perhaps someone here sincerely would like to see this video tour of a few houses in my neighborhood. Ours is a premier neighborhood of
    Victorian homes in this country.

    Each of the featured houses has its story told.

    This is a professional production of 38 minutes. Buy a ticket here for $10 and you will be able to view the video from Saturday morning until
    Monda evening. Edited to fix dates.

    If you buy a ticket, I can likely come up with some gossip about each homeowner or property for value-added supplementary content, for you only! Now who wouldnt want THAT!

    You you have to make an account in order to buy a ticket. Sorry, that’s a bit of a pain in the butt.
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    If I wasn’t going to be up in WI diving all weekend, I would definitely do it!

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