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Thread: Medicare and drug costs

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    Medicare and drug costs

    I had my first doctor's visit on Medicare today, and got two prescriptions. I have the AARP United Health D plan.

    For one medication, my copay was $6. Awesome.

    For the other, something I have been on for thirty years, and cost was $44 for the generic, but my insurance would not cover it. So they were going to fill it as name brand and my copay was going to be $59. I said just fill it as generic and I'll pay cash, then remembered the discussion here on coupons--so found a coupon, and ended up paying 28 dollars total. (I think it was supposed to be even cheaper but she didn't seem to know quite how to do the coupon, and I wasn't going to argue.)

    So thank you Steve and others for mentioning the coupon thing.

    Anyone else trying to figure out what their medicines cost with Medicare part D?

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    When I was picking my rx supplement I could put in my prescriptions and see if they would cover it and the cost. I chose one that covered all of them. Here my RX plan is picked separately from my part D supplement plan. I get 3 months worth of 3 different medications and for one the cost is 0, one it’s 10 and one 34.

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    Also, see what the cost is without insurance. Surprisingly, ours was less. Costco beat out the competitors.

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