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Thread: The Delta Variant.....

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    Why do people keep barfing up the ‘cower in fear’ mantra? Wearing a mask is not ‘cowering in fear’. It’s having concern for other human beings.
    Some people are obsessed with masks, but for many others it gets all blended into the very real sacrifices of social life etc. they made during the pandemic. And it's kind of obvious why it does. Who is one wearing a mask for again? For one's vaccinated self? For other vaccinated people? But *vaccinated*. If it's all that dangerous to vaccinated people, for oneself, for grandma, for a friend with diabetes, for a vaccinated stranger at a restaurant, it means maybe people should go back to other pandemic behavior, but very few have the will to do this anymore. We gave up normal life for ... a ... year.

    Or maybe that's not who one is wearing a mask for. But for those who refuse vaccines. But they aren't all that easy to sympathize with. Or for children and leukemia patients and the like? Well okay at least that last one makes sense, I don't even much like children, nor is their risk probably that high anyway, but the leukemia patients and other sick people . This also has no end point though, well children will get the vax I guess, it may never work with severely immunocompromised. But for people who are like "oh no *vaccinated* people without severe immunocompromising disease need to fear again", then it's 'cowering in fear' or whatever, maybe not the way to put it, avoiding a pandemic is not 'cowering in fear', but it's back to pandemic behavior. And people already gave up so much for a year.

    And if we are honest, vaccinated people may wear the mask, it may even be the law that vaccinated people wear the mask, and they may comply, but vaccinated people feel immortal now, got that immortality shot, and so they aren't wearing the mask near as tight as they might have before and maybe it's a flimsier mask. Nor are they avoiding the rest of social behavior that might somehow spread it. I think that's just realism.
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    I want the unvaccinated to wear a mask to protect me from their germs. I wear a mask to protect me, to a lesser extent.

    I thought the early masking directives showed that me wearing a mask protects you, more than me wearing a mask protects me.

    But the best thing is to stay away from crowds especially super spreader events.

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    A friend's son is currently frolicking at Lollapalooza. He's fully vaccinated and there are lots of safeguards in place, but time will tell...

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