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Thread: Is there a way to declutter household hardware?

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    I got a small stand-alone piece of furniture to put my microwave on and put tools in the two drawers underneath it. There are still tools in the two drawer night stand in the family room, but at least they are not crammed in there so tightly on top of each other that it's hard to shut the drawers.

    It was my first ever visit to a Hobby Lobby. I hadn't gone before because of their conservative reputation but I figured they probably won't make me wear a mask. Sure enough they had three signs on the door:

    1. To stay 6 feet away from others
    2. To not enter if you any of a half dozen symptoms they listed
    3. To wear a mask if you are not vaccinated

    Finally a place where vaccination has its privileges!

    The same is true for their staff, some of whom were wearing masks and some of whom were not.

    Anyways, the microwave was previously atop a table with open legs and no drawers. Converting furniture could create more storage space. Other examples of this are ottomans with a top that lifts off to reveal a storage compartment or bed frames with drawers built into the bottom of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudan View Post
    Hi guys!

    I have decluttered my whole apartment and everything went fine, until I came to my hardware stuff.

    My tools isn't my biggest issue but all screws, bolts, fasteners, electrical supplies, plumbing supplies etc.

    Does anyone have some rules or anything to declutter this type of things?
    How will I possibly know what I'll be needing for my next project?

    Do you have a friend, perhaps someone with a workbench of their own, who might possibly have space for some of your discarded items? I would suggest enlisting this friend to be your helper on one or two afternoons of decluttering. Your friend might be able to take some of your surplus off of your hands, but more importantly your friend can support you on the emotional difficulty that may come up when you say good-bye to an assortment of "perfectly good hex nuts" or whatever.

    Can your goal of downsizing be clarified? I may have missed this in the comments, but I am not sure I understand:
    how soon you will move to the smaller apartment?
    how much of the storage unit in the new apartment will be available to you to organize for storage?

    The linked article contains general advice on "decluttering for seniors". The article talks about decluttering in a positive light... a process that is freeing, and which can be worked on with grace.

    Lycka till ... Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudan View Post
    Yppej: Now you really putting my english on test

    I don't know the words you use to make a different between the apartments you buy and rent?
    The one I'm living in right now is bought, and I'm thinking of renting the next one.

    My best friend owns a house with some apartments in it.
    The goal is to take one of those, if someone decides to move out.
    If I do, I can do whatever I want in it the same way as if I bought it.

    If I take the apartment I live in for example, I have:
    - Replaced all floors
    - Replaced all sockets
    - Painted all roofs
    - Painted/wallpaper every wall
    - Painted the whole kitchen
    - Installed a dishwasher
    - Replaced countertop/sink/tap
    - Replaced kitchen fan
    - Replaced oven/freezer/fridge
    - Replaced all window sills
    - Moved some power outlets & switches
    - Replaced all power outlets & switches
    - Replaced all doors (inside)
    - Cut out for hoses in a concrete wall (TV cables)
    - Installed a Elfa shelf-system in the storage
    - Installed a portable AC (permanent solution)
    ..and the list goes on and on and on..

    I have a pretty good example of my issue.. there's a whole carton with self closing hinges.
    24 pieces in total and I have saved them in case one of my furniture will break.
    I would definitely not need more than 2 in spare, but there's a lot of different kinds of hinges.
    Different hole pattern, different sizes, different opening angles.. my furniture isn't all the same either.

    How will I decide which to keep and which to declutter?
    With that list you need at least 6 more hands, patience and time
    My house went through all of those except the last two, but plus moving walls and doorways.
    As a practical experience to consider:
    - Safety.
    - The less different patterns - the better. This gives the aesthetic and the repairment simplicity.
    - Personal space.
    - The room where the most time is spent.
    - Take professionals for support.
    - Think about the future for several years.
    - Think twice.

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