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Thread: Changing financial institutions

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    Changing financial institutions

    Credit union has been messing up... The last straw when it did not transfer money. After a month, i called and they still had not processed. Then they were not going to send certified. Now they have a new computer system and it is not any better and the employees do not understand how it works. Sad, when a customer has to tell them how to navigate their own website.

    I hate that you can no longer just call a branch office of a bank or credit union. It is routed to the main branch. You wait because all lines are busy then have to be transferred to the person you need to speak with. Of course, everyone is working from home so the connection is not the best either. Sadly, I think this is how it is going to be forever going forward.

    It really is a hassle to switch financial institutions especially if you have many things automatically withdrawn. Many times HAVE to call because financial information cannot be done via computer. sigh Hopefully, it will all be done correctly by month end?

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    Our credit union has gone thru several computer systems and changes in the decades we have used them. Each time it was a pain.

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    One in law works for a large credit union. They started changing a few years back where you dealt with someone virtually. I am a member of a credit union that for decades was a teachers credit union (inlaws, family on both sides); it changed to a regional credit union. Still personal service. If I changed, my next two options would be a local law enforcement credit union (family), or Community America (friend with the now retired CEO and know the current CEO's family).

    Only did a bank, when my S&L was converted, long enough to close the account. Still deal with a bank for work.

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    If you go to a new bank or credit union, start small with a new account and transition over time to the new account. That's what we do and it saves a ton of stress.

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