I have some flowers in my yard that I like, but the person who gave me the bulbs (rhizomes?) 10 years ago doesn't know what they're called. The flowers are similar to old-fashioned orange daylilies, and they grow the same way as daylilies:

  • Leaves at the bottom and a flower stalk that sticks up higher than the leaves
  • Several flower buds at the top of each flower stalk
  • The bud closest to the tip of the flower stalk blooms first and dies within 24 hours
  • Each flower bud blooms when the one in line above it dies (or sometimes flower bulbs are on adjacent stemlets and bloom at the same time)

The big difference between these and daylilies is that their leaves are huge (over a fool long) and the flower stalks are 4-8 feet tall, even though the flowers themselves are only dalily size.

Another characteristic of these flowers is that after each flower dies, a purplish bulge forms where the bosom's base was, and after a few days the bulge turns brown, drys up, and cracks open allowing the seed(s) inside to fall out. However it seems pretty clear that this plant only/mainly grows by bulblets (rhizomes?) spreading out from the existing plant, not from seeds.

Any ideas what these flowers are?

Whatzit Flowers.jpg