Some states have dying with dignity laws. It enables people who are on hospice or with certain diagnosis to work with their treating physicians. They prescribe medication which enables the patient to choose when to end their lives. These are generally people with end stage cancer or typed of diagnoses for there is no known cure. You have to live in the state. The physicians who participate do so voluntarily.
There are some people trying to expand the legislation to their own states, including mine.
So I’ve informally asked some people what they thought. Two said they are Christian and no matter what the suffering for the patient or family they oppose any such law permitting it. An ICU nurse and a friend who volunteers in hospice both emphatically say yes.
If you live in a state where it is legal, have you any experience with it? I am heavily leaning towards yes because you don’t have to do it and if you do choose to, it is between you and you god in whatever form you believe. Plus no physician is required to take part.