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Thread: Finally coming up for air and a long post

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    Finally coming up for air and a long post

    Wow... I went to a horse show last week. Tuesday and until early this Monday morning . It started out great, I had won circuit champion in my classes ( Go Me ) But the last day was one that sent me off the deep end.

    Backstory : alot of us horse people have what are called living quarter horse trailers. They are a like a toy hauler but for horses. I had my previous one for 17 years and it served me well. But I had outgrown it . Last year, my husband treated me to a newer, bigger one. But I didnt use last year, as we needed to make the entrance of our drive wider. It took us 45 minutes, 4 adults, a toddler, 3 Corgis and an epic poem to get it through the narrow driveway entrance. Then my husband had back surgery. Then winter time ( we have a lot of clay in our soil. we finally got it fixed this May. In the meantime, I got myself worked up on how much bigger it was compared to my old trailer ( which I sold to my friend) My old one was 18 feet on the deck and 6' 8" wide the new one is 32 feet on the deck and 8' wide. The width is not that big of a deal as I have been hauling with duallies for over 35 years. Had I just been able to use it right away, I would not have had a chance to "stew" about it. I did take it out after the driveway was fixed and was getting pretty confident about it.
    my friend who has her horse in another barn needed a ride to the show. OMG this place has a very tricky approach to a bridge to get to the barn. But in daylight, it was very doable.

    Got to the show, horses unloaded, tack room set up, got my trailer set up in the RV park of the show grounds. Everything was awesome. Until Sunday. I had unhooked my truck so the trailer could be leveled when I got there on Tuesday. I when to hook up and the inside rear tire on the drivers side was flat. And the rear trailer tire on the drivers side was flat. Luckily, there was a bunch of horse show dads that helped me change to the spares. Both tires had nails in them . The trailer tire had 3 nails. So I was all packed up except for the bare essentials because I had one more class. Then I couldn't find my truck keys. I looked everywhere. I went to go to use the hide-a-key and the little box was empty. It was about 3 PM and I decided to call a locksmith. He said he would be out around 6. Long story short, he could not get a key made to use in the ignition. I have a Ford F 350 and the key that locks and unlocks the door is the same key that starts the engine . It would work on the door, but not the engine. The locksmith tried one more "cut" and it finally worked!!!! It was about 11 PM . On the road with my horse and to drop off the other horse. And the tricky bridge. Which I got hung up on. I was afraid to back up off from it as it was close to the edge of the bank. I ended up calling the barn owner and got him out of bed at 3 AM ( he is a heavy machine operator, and he is the one that widened our drive way) He got me out of my predicament. with some good natured teasing . But my new-to-me beautiful trailer has a two foot scrape on it. Luckily its just the paint and my husbands cousin has a body shop. we already called the trailer manufacture for the paint code, so it will be as good as new soon. I didn't even bother taking my horse back to my trainers barn. I just took him home . I got home and got him unloaded at around 4AM. UGH!!!!

    My husband found my keys that I misplaced. They were in a cupboard where I keep my dishes . The missing hide-a-key was missing due to his son borrowing the truck and decided not to bother to go into the house to get the regular keys and he never put it back

    I was circuit champion in Horsemanship, Trail and Showmanship.

    Next show and the last one of the year : Las Vegas at Southpoint. My trainer is hauling for me and my mom and I are driving. She loves to travel and hasn't done much due to Covid . She's not comfortable to fly yet and I have a cousin who lives 20 minutes away from the hotel/showgrounds they have a guest house for us to stay in

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    Congrats! The trailer escapades! Wow.

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    This is the stuff of nightmares for me, glad it all worked out ok for you in the end.

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    Congrats on your win! As for the rest... that is SOME adventure you had! Hope you get some time to rest and relax.
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    Congrats on the win! The rest sounds horrible.

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