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Thread: Fall Challenge

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    Jeppy: Good for you with the walking. I feel like it benefits my head as well as my body.
    Happy: Thanks!
    Hana: Sounds like you've been busy too - good work!
    Since my last update, I've finished the storm door panels and the outdoor container plants.

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    Walked four times this week and hung a Happy Birthday banner for DS who is still avoiding me. This is the first year I have not celebrated with him, but you can't force yourself on people.

    My father after decades of hobbling around has agreed to see a doctor about knee surgery since he has no cartilage left. So sometimes people do change their minds about things.

    Maybe some anti-vaxxers will as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yppej View Post

    Maybe some anti-vaxxers will as well.
    I am not counting on that for the stubborn non-vaxxer I live with!

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    Summer clothes now washed, folded, and put away for the winter. Pulled a third box from the storage unit and it's more books. Added them to the pile.

    Small themed lots are gaining interest on the Buy Nothing group, wish I thought of it earlier.

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    I cleared my clothes closet. The tops- nothing else. I have a pile to hold for a season to see if I miss anything. It's arranged by color and sleeve length now...but may do some adjusting.

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