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Thread: Your take on shortages/supply chain disruptions?

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    I used to work for Amazon... Their key warehouses are located in the delta, and one of the main ones (an Amazon Robotics building, YVR4) is in Tsawwassen. If all that is cut off with the rest of the country... I'm glad I don't work for them anymore, because they must be tearing their hair out right now: there will be no Black Friday in Canada, or folks will have to be okay with waiting weeks for their shopping to arrive.
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    DH and I went out to his favorite German restaurant for his birthday Thursday night. We had reservations for 5 p.m.

    We had looked at the menu online and already decided what we wanted to order.

    First up, I asked for the roast pork. Server: No, I'm sorry, we are out of that.
    Me: Oh, ok, how about the cabbage roll? Server: Um, I'll check with the chef and see if we still have that.
    DH: I'll have the Weiner Schnitzel. Server: Oh! I'm sorry, we are out of veal. We can't get it in right now.
    DH: ok, I'll have the chicken schnitzel.

    Server returns to table and tells me they don't have what they need for the cabbage rolls.

    I just order a sausage and sauerkraut.

    Sheesh! We go here a few times a year; they're a pretty big place in our town. We were really surprised, and felt badly for the server who kept having to tell us they were out of things. They still had German beer anyway!
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    Happy birthday to your dh! And them still having the German beer is a thumbs up!!!
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    KayLR, that was India during the First Gulf War. We got a big menu of alcoholic beverages but after a long series of "No we dont have that" we finally figured out they only had Tiger Rum and Champagne. Had to laugh. Guess they were hoping we would choose the right thing.

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