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Thread: Social Security Graph

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    Social Security Graph

    I got a message to check my annual earnings and logged onto the SS website and was pleasantly surprised to see they now have a graph that you can adjust to see your retirement benefit. It goes by month. You have to grab the bar and drag it to the age you want.

    Before I could only see 62, 67 and 70. Now I can see 68, 69, etc. This will be motivating for me. I try to get my expenses to the age I want to retire but there was such a big gap between 70 and 67 it was discouraging. But getting from 70 to 69 seems achievable.

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    Thatís a big improvement. Thanks for letting us know. A few years ago I had made a spreadsheet based on my potential benefit at different starting ages but the gap between 62 and 67 was annoying since I will likely start collecting at some point between them depending on how well my retirement savings do over the coming years. This is a perfect time to flesh out the sheet to show various scenarios now that Iím actually trying to figure out what my retirement income is going to be.

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