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Thread: Retiring on $27,000 a Year

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    I know several people who have had the balance after insurance payment, of their cancers drugs paid by grants from the drug companies. Probably helped that all of them asked for help from the very beginning. One had a drug that “cost” $4500 a month! Thankfully after 8 months of treatment, she is in remission and not taking any drugs now.

    i don’t know that many people know this kind of help is available, or would be willing to ask for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogar View Post
    The details might be none of my business, but I'm wondering what types of medical costs could deplete the average worker and saver in old age. I'm familiar with nursing home and assisted living expense and how those could decimate savings and assets by some personal experiences. And also, spending down to qualify for medicaid. But when it comes to just medical I've had the understanding that significant portions of those would be covered by medical.
    Parkinson's-like symptoms brought on by improper medication, then leading into full-blown Parkinsons and dementia, requiring assisted living and super expensive experimental drugs.

    The lawsuit over the improper medication issue will take longer to resolve than my father's expected remaining lifespan, and cost a fortune to pursue.


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    If there is any positive side of things, your father is lucky to have you as a health advocate. My father worked long hours as long as I can recall and didn't retire until late in life. When my mother had a stroke and requried long term nursing care it pretty much consumed his savings. It was heart breaking enough, but the long term care expenses added pain to missery. In my view long term nursing care is like the Hotel California, you can check out any time you want but you can never leave. It's a harsh reality of life for many.

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    People natter endlessly on about frivolous lawsuits when the truth is that most malpractice goes unlitigated. Insurance companies make out well, though; I guess that's the important thing.

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