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Thread: Best Road Trips in Every State

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    I loved seeing all the sights the times I was in Boston. I really enjoyed the Rhode Island mansions on the ocean.

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    IL- not bad but too easy, there really is only one place to go
    GA- OK but depends on your preference, love the area around Chattanooga but Savanah would have been an equally good choice in a different way
    AL- just a stupid choice with so many nice beaches on the Gulf and the mountains in the north
    VA- like GA in reverse, Williamsburg is OK but Skyline Drive is pretty good too

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    CO-Garden of the Gods is spectacular but is an endless line of cars driving through. Even though we live just a few miles away, we never go anymore unless in the dead of winter due to the obnoxious crowds.

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    In Michigan I would like to recommend Rte 31 as Michigan's most scenic road trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nswef View Post
    MD- excellent choice. Assateague is our favorite stop in Ocean City, MD
    Definitely agree. One of my favorite vacations ever was to Chincoteague and Assateague Islands. Didn't realize this: The northern two-thirds of the island (Assateague) is in Maryland while the southern third is in Virginia.

    New Hampshire - yes
    NJ - yes
    SD - yes

    Some of the others places I definitely would like to see.
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    TX: no way. Why would downtown Ft Worth Stockyards even be called a "road trip?" To me, a road trip is a great drive, not just an event in a city. I would have picked one of the wildflower routes in the Tx Hill Country in the spring, or Big Bend

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    Been to the one in IL but if you really want an interesting view, try going in winter to see the falls frozen. Got to climb behind the frozen falls for some interesting pictures. Has to be cold enough though. Think it was 25 degrees the day I went.

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