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Thread: Bank or credit union?

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    I use Zelle for younger people that have it. I also got paid that way for some items at my garage sale. I use online bill pay through my bank. I still need checks for my groomer and chiropractor who only take checks or cash.

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    We use online payments and checks, as convenient. Credit union for us, no banks. The local bank changed hands/names about 4 times in 10 years. The credit union has the same name it's had for the past 25 years, although the company it was originally affiliated with is long gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jp1 View Post
    I don’t know that there’s much actual difference functionally between Venmo and PayPal but the people I know seem to use Venmo more as a way to transfer money person to person for things that previously they used cash for such as when splitting the bill in a restaurant. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention but I’ve never seen a ‘pay with Venmo’ button on a web site.
    Yes, my picker/reseller SIL uses Venmo constantly. He sets up tents at flea markets and stuff and sells customized thrift clothing, and he hardly ever gets cash from people. It's all digital transactions.

    And you're right, there's no "pay with Venmo" on the computer. Believe me, being "old," I've looked.
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    ANM: I ruefully think of you whenever I have an abundance of quarters. I recently was at the library using their copier/printer, and I had put in too much money, and I got a bunch of quarters for change, and I felt so guilty! I went to the desk and asked the librarian if she wanted me to swap the quarters for bills due to the quarter shortage, and she looked at me like I was crazy and said "no thanks."
    We use a local savings bank for checking. We've been with them for many years and no complaints. I use online bill pay even for things like property taxes and our oil company, and the bank sends them a check, like JP's credit union does. I use checks on occasion, but a book of checks lasts me a long, long time these days. I also do online bill pay for my mother's bills now. We use an online bank for savings.

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    The last time I bought checks was about 2 years ago. My old checks had my NYC address on them. I hadn't lived there since 2004. And since we moved last September my current checks have our San Francisco apartment address on them. I expect these checks will last the rest of my life. I don't care that the address is outdated.

    Back to the OP's question, I love my credit union. I've been a member since I was 6 or 7 years old. The current interest rate on savings accounts is sucky, but so is everyone's. Customer service is great. The network of atm's they belong to is broad. And the customer service rep amused me when I was arranging the wire transfers for the down payment on our house last year. She made up security questions based on my total account info. Things like "what year did you become a member?" She accepted "sometime in the early/mid 70's. I was a little kid at the time." And "Is the original credit union office still open?" My answer: "No. Building 444 got torn down shortly after the air force base it was on got decommissioned. Dad had retired by then so I have no idea where the AFAFC is located now."

    I do also have bank accounts with a major bank because their atm network includes most 7-11's and also a major web only bank that has an easy to use, and free, system of transferring money both in and out online so I use it to shuffle money between all of my financial accounts.

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