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Thread: Happy Thanksgiving

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    "...And also not having to eat Tofurkey again, possibly forever..."

    Even though I spent quite a few years as a vegetarian, I've never tasted tofurky.
    From your reaction, that was a good decision on my part.

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    In my neck of the woods it was a good day to go out for a walk (19F in midafternoon) and keep an eye out for the "quick red fox"... see if he jumps over the lazy brown dog!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogar View Post
    Last year I had Thanksgiving at home due to Covid worries, and had Tofurkey. Thinking back to a year ago, while Covid is hardly gone, I am thankful for having a vaccine avaiible and relaxing at least some of the social distancing. And also not having to eat Tofurkey again, possibly forever. I'm traveling a short distance to have dinner with my brother and will fall off the vegan wagon for a real turkey meal, though certain meat products have lost their appeal, the other fixings are always good.
    When I was vegetarian I did make two annual exceptions: Thanksgiving and St. Patrick's Day (man, I love corned beef and cabbage!). I figured my contributions to the animal world, environment and my health entitled me to two free passes a year. I've never had Tofurkey, but I don't like any fake meat--because they are usually miserable imitations of the real thing and I question how good they are for you. Too much soy is bad for you, and I can't imagine that those poseur meats aren't crazy processed to get them act like what they're not.

    As for us, I did find a turkey (mentioned in another post that we had forgotten to buy the turkey!) but it was frozen and as hard as I tried to thaw it in time by using hacks I found on the internet (put it in cold water and leave it in a cool place over night) it will didn't thaw sufficiently. so we had a roaster chicken instead.
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