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Thread: Bidenís Georgia Speech

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan View Post
    We hear that election fraud is negligible in national elections, but what about local ones? We never hear about those.
    We only vote for President every four years, but we vote for state and local representatives, school and fire levies and a host of other things much more often. It doesn't take much fraud to unduly influence those things.
    Your fake angst about non existent potential fraud is impressive. Bravo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogar View Post
    I could buy into that if there were significant evidence in states like mine will less restrictive practices. Or maybe we've had it all along and no one knows. The again, there were the 17 pallets of missing ballots found in the back alley in Georgia, mostly for Trump.
    Congrats! I won’t make your state do the same thing as my state because we DO have verified-by-the-court election fraud. Y’all don’t need to tamp down on non-existent criminal activity at the polls in your state. Good for you!

    Thanks for proving my point: one size does not fit all.

    I am sure election procedures here will “loosen” up (as you seem to think of it) when our capacity to address those problems can handle them. Procedures are trending that way.

    As a citizen here, I want my vote to count and not be negated by some fraudulent jackass.

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