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Thread: Very Important Subjects

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    Okay---Update on f-book case study who recently wasted $$$$ on Carts ticckiccks. Since then, he has sat-n-watched teee-veee foobaw, and commented on the outcome. The subject was definitely not an athlete as a chubby youth. Nope. The latest event he did for something to "do", was attend a 4-course yummy meaty meal which also featured four kinds of micro-swill with frou-frou sounding names. Cost:$70. The subject did not mention the driving distance, to-and-from, but I figure traffic is murder, there. Yep--when you get my age, why---that's all there is to "do" is sit-n-watch & drive-n-eat! And pay big money to do it. Ha. Hope that helps you kids some. Thankk Mee.
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