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Thread: Hello from a former shopping addict

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    Welcome! I'm glad that you're slowly conquering your debt. I had learned that lesson in the past myself. At least you didn't reach the level of an old friend of mine, who racked up 6 figure debt before pulling the alarm cord. I've lost touch with him, but I'm guessing he's still paying it off. Easy credit makes debt far too easy to accumulate. That things ultimately won't make you happy in the end is an even harder lesson to learn, especially when surrounded by friends and family who are also accumulating things. Social pressure to buy and receive gifts year round doesn't help, either. I worked with someone who said that every holiday season, he and his wife bought presents for 16 kids from their extended family along with all of their parents. That added up quickly after even a few years. It's often very difficult to resist such pressures.

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    Okay---Super awesome and amazing! I enjoy reading your thoughts on SL stuff. You've definitely enlightened me and others. Thanks.

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