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Thread: Spring Challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by hana View Post
    Thanks, early morning. The commission was for a pair of trousers, sleeveless top, and a light duster style sweater. I got my start at sewing with cosplay. I went to an anime convention and saw the costumes and wanted to make one. Mom let me borrow her sewing machine and said I could ask any questions. I will warn you it can be an expensive hobby and DD will pick up other hobbies on the way. I learned how to knit because I needed thigh high socks for a cosplay. It's fun and educational, I learned more about physics while styling wigs than I did in a classroom. Depending on your DD's comfort level, she can cosplay at movies, library events, and do photoshoots in a public place like a park.

    Here's a link to a list of conventions in the world, you can search by dates, geography, or guests.

    If you or DD would like any advice or have questions about the hobby, feel free to PM me
    This post is wonderful, and belongs in the "Our Creative Endeavors" thread--or whatever it's called.

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    The anti-vax group met in a different location with parking tonight so I decided to check out their meeting. They are more focused on other things now like school curriculum rather than covid mandates, so it's not really my area of interest.

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