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Thread: Fk this crap

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    So someone came in today and asked me if x (rather large item) was still down at the house for them. 622 days after Steve's death and more then a year after the house was cleaned out.
    His brother, after hearing about a friend of ours, prognosis (6 months to a little over a year, if fights it), tried to loan out something of his late brothers, that he thought would be down at the house, instead of in his shed, where all the stuff resides.
    I should have become a storage company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LDAHL View Post
    Why people would choose to like like that is another question.
    Quote Originally Posted by jp1 View Post
    Because you literally can get anywhere in the city for less time and money than any other method except bike. The subway has never been particularly safe. Or at least never felt particularly safe.
    JP, precisely. Never safe. Always essential for everyday folks.

    I grew up in NYC as had my parents before me. Everyone I knew used NYC Transit. How else would you get anywhere living in any of the working class neighborhoods, which were once affordable?

    We rode through every borough including Staten Island reachable by public ferry.

    Yes, we lived like that, LDAHL. I can remember as a small child envying my older sister who stayed late after school to "do the Stations of the Cross." I thought she was riding the el - the elevated train we used to walk below shopping for groceries. I imagined her getting off at every stations and exploring neighborhoods I hadn't seen.

    I had some memorably disagreeable experiences and learned some safety strategies - including riding in the conductor's car into Fort Apache - that just became part of my repertoire for "staying alive." But mostly nothing out of the ordinary happened, and I was seldom afraid.

    Given the opportunity, I would happily live there again and ride the trains. I still use public transit when I visit.

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