Today some of Maricopa County is partially celebrating. Likely to avoid criminal charges for illegally attempting to (illegally)and with zilch merit charge peaceful protesters as gang members - and also to avoid DOJ accountability, Lowest Form Of Criminal Trash herself Phoenix PD Chief Jeri Williams is bailing this Summer.

I am overjoyed to have this Low Life Criminal out of power - but am saddened that she is not facing 30 to life for illegally charging peaceful protesters - she is definitely a threat to society and ladies here, also a threat to law abiding non criminal trash qualified women from achieving similar roles in the future.

My anger is not misogynistic - I want this Criminal Trash behind high security bars only for the brazen illegal attempt to ruin the lives of Constitutionally protected peaceful protesters against the Proven To Destroy Lives For No Legal Reason Phoenix PD. And for a lesser reason, for how she has made women and especially minority women look so untrustworthy. I'd be willing to protest against her when things get slower at work this Summer for this reason alone - how her Sociopathic Illegal Behavior will work against competent law abiding female candidates for this position.

There is great joy that this Evil Criminal is stepping down - but also a huge sense of unfinished business with this Evil Criminal still free in society.

But, today's announcement IS a start, and numerous multi million dollar lawsuits against the Phoenix PD are on the city's social calendar not far off. And I do have to remember it's a start.