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Thread: Denver e-bike and renewable energy rebate

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    I bought my 1998 mountain bike off craig's list a couple of years ago. It was top of the line in the day but had suffered significant depreciation with all the advances in bike designs. It had been sitting in the first owners garage for 20 or so years, bought with the best of intentions that were quickly abandoned. Not to comment on anyone here, but some people start off with good intentions with bikes that don't last long and Craig's routinely has what might be called barn finds. The other day I was on a local trail and a guy on an eBike pulled up next to me and said, "you should get one of these", to which I asked, "why?" He said you can go farther and faster. I've always been happy with how far and fast I can go on my old bike, but that's probably the crux of the question.

    A friend and experienced cyclist was struck by a car and died, so I'm a little sensitive to the safety issue, but I think cycling is fairly safe for people who are cautious and use common sense. The car always has the right of way. I see a lot of elite type cyclists who ignore common safety sense.

    Here we have nice trails and a reasonable attempt at street bike lanes for a network that can connect a lot of shopping places and businesses. They get quite a bit of use but mostly from recreationist rather than commuters. Maybe eBikes have a chance to help that out.

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    I have about a 1200 foot elevation change from the village to my house, so eBikes are a nice way to deal with aging joints.

    When the local bike shop on the island started renting/selling eBikes, I saw a lot more "vintage" humans starting to bicycle again. Which seems to be a good thing.

    One of my eBikes cost about as much as my Fiat electric car. It is a bit of a specialized bicycle, it's a full suspension mountain bike, and the electric assist system is well-thought out to not cause you to break traction when applying power on loose trails. My favorite thing about it is the suspension - I've never had a mountain bike with a suspension, in fact my other mountain bike is a vintage Fisher I bought in 1985. The eBike also has a quite powerful motor, and a "shuttle" mode, which lets me get to the top of the 2400 foot mountain here from sea level, and then have fun coming down the quite severe trails using gravity.

    My old Fisher I have rerigged as my winter bike, with snow tires on it for ice/snow-covered roads.

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