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    Recently had to do some traveling in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (stolen from Wisconsin in a corrupt bargain, but that’s another discussion), and I took the opportunity to try a few new podcasts I had heard about. Really liked “Half-Arsed History”. It covers so many things I would never have heard about. Like how Timothy Dexter made a fortune importing bed warmers to the Caribbean and literally took coal to Newcastle. Or how Robert Todd Lincoln was present at the assassinations of Garfield and McKinley, and decided to decline invitations to future presidential events. Or the British steam-powered submarine program. Or the war of the oaken bucket. It’s a lot of fun.

    Also liked HR Mcmaster’s “Battlegrounds” podcast. He covers military issues in an intelligent and unsentimental way, which is sorely lacking in our media, which I think treat war as a sort of reality show.

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    Half-Arsed sounds interesting. Thanks.
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    You turn me onto The Editors, so I listen to that now and then. They don’t do podcasts super often so it’s not often enough get tired of them, although the one I listen to today was absent Charles Cook and that takes it down several notches.

    I’m listening to old classic programs of this American life. This American life is the grandfather of all podcasts and they were doing it for decades before everyone else started doing it. Some of those old shows are wonderful. I haven’t listened to this American life if it’s even still going in the last couple of years because it just got two crazy liberal, I out lost his center. Even the lefty youngsters are saying it’s way too political for them.

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