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Thread: Job in My City

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    Job in My City

    A job finally opened up in my City with my employer that I meet the posted qualifications for. This would save me two hours a day of commuting time, but I am not going to apply.

    It has been posted several times before, and this time they lowered the minimum requirements. The turnover and their desperation hint that there are some issues with it. I would do fine with certain things (like cycle counts, spreadsheets) but don't have the product knowledge that would let me hit the ground running. It would be physically more strenuous, and while it would help me get in shape it might be too much for me with my aging knee. It's unclear if heavy lifting is required.

    The manager there yells at employees, and if learning a new function I want someone who would be supportive and not critical. I can take constructive feedback, but I am not looking to be verbally abused. I hear he is tough but fair so I think if I knew what I was doing instead of having to learn on the job I would do fine, and have tried to learn that function where I am now, offering to cover for the person in that role when he is on vacation, but the boss has not taken me up on that.

    If that manager leaves and the position opens up again I would probably apply, or at least ask for an interview to learn more about it. But for now I am staying where I am, and where I am happy.

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    Yeah, sounds like you are making the right decision. Being in a car for 2 hours vs getting verbally abused and under physical and emotional stress for 8 hours? Sounds like a no-brainer to me!
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    Very wise of you, Yppej. There is no reason to take on an abusive boss if you can help it!

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