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Thread: June Purge

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    Donation pickup was yesterday so the entire donation corner of the house is empty (with the exception of a new empty box to start collecting donations - LOL). Guess, as I didn't take a count, is around 50-75 items (big and small).
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    Sold a blouse, a bag and a necklace on Poshmark. 3 more things out of the house.
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    DH sold two pieces of furniture that I thought were pretty worthless for a total of $85. So that’s good and he gets to keep all of that because we’re done donating money to the Park Conservancy because I close the books on that. He’s also been selling things here and there like his drywall lift, various bundles of construction things, a box of electrical breakers, stuff like that.

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    Twistie ties. Rather than having purge sessions as I run across things I don't need I've been tossing them right away before I forget.

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