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Thread: Something I've stumbled across (fava beans)

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    Sadly, I like all kinds of beans. I also love peanut butter. This is why I am not skinny.

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    I've had a handful of bean varieties from Rancho Gordo. They specialize in heirloom beans, mostly from Mexico and Central America. At first, mail order and then I found a couple of specialty stores nearby that carry them. In my opinion they are more flavorful and interesting than the common grocery store dried bean. Slightly pricey, but comparable to ground beef prices. I'm on their wait list for their bean club and this year planted heirloom scarlet runner beans in the garden as an experiment.

    The purists seem to like a bean broth with a stock of onion, celery and garlic with the broth from the cooked beans.

    The founder has an interesting history and was featured in a New Yorker article.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dado potato View Post
    My introduction to fava beans was a can of Foul Mudammas, which I bought in a little store in a big city.

    Foul Mudammas is a traditional Egyptian breakfast. Rather than the convenience of opening a can of Foul Mudammas, I would probably pressure-cook fava beans in Insta Pot.
    that looks delish - altho i'd probably eat them for lunch and not breakfast. TFS.
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