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Thread: Costco shoppers

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    I have gone back to Costco to get gas, as they always have the best price + get the extra cash back with their Citi credit card. We like to go get their fresh berries and a few household items like the Cheer laundry detergent. DW likes their prepared foods, but they come in such huge quantities - for empty nesters it just isn't practical or healthy. I question whether our $ 60.00 annual membership is worth it. I really don't like to be hit up at the cash register all the time about upgrading to their executive membership...just saying...

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    Gregg, the only big complaint I ever sent to management was the rude (and I mean really rude) employee at the customer service? counter who ridiculed us for converting back to a basic membership. All we wanted to do was redeem our bonus check to pay for it and get a gift card for the rest.

    We knew last year we had hearing aids and glasses to buy which were the only big ticket items we needed. So we carefully planned our purchases to make the most of the membership.

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