Okay--I went to install the nice, clean, safe NEW steering damper on my littlebitty Suburban, and guess what? I had the supplied, special mounting hardware for the frame anchor, but needed the special & not-supplied mounting bolt for the damper-to-tie rod! I looked around, and sure enough--it was still attached to the rusty, dirty, old steering damper I removed months ago, which I THOUGHT I had pitched into the trash to keep things nice and neat and tidy and clutter-free. But guess what? There it was, on the bench with other misc. stuff. So, I removed it and buffed it up and painted it and the new bolt for the other end. Soon as it dries, I'll put the damper on. Good thing I didn't get in a hurry to dispose of the old damper, right? Meanwhile, I'm gonna adjust the steering gear. It has twio adjustments, to take the play out of it. Hope that helps you some. It's only 90 degrees F outside, today.