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Thread: Affordable New Hampshire

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    Jane, I saw on John Oliver how a mobile home park starts out good and then is bought and the new owner(s) jack up the park fees to where people can no longer afford to live there.

    There are a few towns in Massachusetts that are freer than the city where I live, and whose libraries I went to when banned from my own.

    Community A never required masks, but is more expensive and just as densely populated with similar crime issues. It's freedom culture is also in part due to the mayor, now in his 60's, so that's concerning. I asked their BOH to talk to my BOH and they refused rather brusquely. The BOH chair is an alcoholic in the paper for drunk driving and not exactly a model of good health. Possible but not promising unless there is a real deal on a property outside the congested central city.

    Community B required masks but only briefly. They are more expensive and nicer. I contacted their Board of Health and asked them to speak to my BOH about governing without a mask mandate and while they declined they were very nice. Tried to buy here 25 years ago and failed. Will need a housing recession to get in here. Nicest of the communities.

    Community C also rarely had a mask mandate. BOH never responded to my invite to talk to my BOH but I know some fellow activists there. Cost of living is high. Further to work. Would only consider if an opening in my company comes up closer to this area.

    Community D never mandated masks, but at one point closed the library due to a covid spike for a couple weeks. Known for low taxes and lower housing costs. This will be my next focus. It's rural but almost too much so. No grocery store or cheap gas. The closest of the towns to where I work now.

    Southeastern VT would be an option also, but probably lots of covidians there.

    ETA I continue my efforts to bring accountability and justice where I am now. If our septuaginarian mayor ever retires things might get better.

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    It's tough to predict where regions might rise and fall along the political spectrum. We're apparently entering an authoritarian era, which concerns me a great deal. So I think you're wise to research and familiarize yourself as much as possible with areas that interest you.

    I know mobile home parks can be dodgy with their space rentals. I have my eye on a few wherein you buy the lot you park on. Wish there were more of those.

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