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Thread: Stocking up/inflation & shortages

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    I hadn't heard that about tomatoes. I will get some extra the next time when I go shopping. Stew and soup season will be upon us soon, and I use a lot of tomatoes for that!

    My lettuce garden has thrived due to the excellent monsoon season we've had here in my corner of New Mexico. I also had pretty good luck with collard greens, kale and swiss chard. However, I CANNOT grow beans here to save my life! Been trying different ways for three years and barely ended up just with a handful of green beans...

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    I cubed, blanched, and froze the last of the summer squash and terminated the plant. My neighbors were starting to avoid me and I just could eat anymore. Tomatoes have produced pretty well, but no where near like the OP. I will get some to process and freeze soon and have been eating tomatoes at least daily for a few weeks. I've had a bumper crop of three or four varieties of eggplant and need to process to freeze or cook soon. I've not grown tired of them but it's just been too hot to do much cooking and some may go to waste. Peppers have been slightly below average, but decent. Timing of the season change is about right as garden care and food processing are getting a little tedious. I will miss the fresh produce but have frozen quite a bit.

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    I forgot to mention my bountiful peach tree. The limbs are so heavy with fruit this year that we propped them up with boards. Last night, one just snapped off and we collected a boxful from that one limb. I rarely water it but think iso I guess it is sucking up moisture from the nearby sewer pipe. They still need another week or two to be primo.

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